To Manifest an Abundant Lifestyle – Focus on Your Strengths

Start with Your Passions

The Universe is kind, Byron Katie teaches us. You will be passionate about those things that match your talents. Your talents will provide what you need to achieve any goal that is a match to your passions.

Our desires are a gift. To manifest an abundant lifestyle, pay attention to your desires, and stop cutting them off. Every time you realize a desire, say, for a Mercedes and turn around and say to yourself, “But…” you are cutting off your true self, your spiritual self from your higher mind.

Think about this. If every time your partner cut your suggestions off with a “but…” how long would it take before you would stop making suggestions? Your higher mind is your partner. It will makes suggestions (intuition) and lead you to desires (passions) in order to help to guide you to your heart’s goal. It will also give you pain to move you away from danger. But, if you let your Ego drive the bus, you will be relegated to the slow lane. Manifest an abundant lifestyle by attending to your intuition and Higher Mind.

Move on Your Inspiration

Take appropriate action to immediately access your goal. By this we mean that if your goal is to make people happy in a great restaurant, then invite people home for dinner. If your heart’s desire is to travel the world as a dancer, go out to dance. The joy you feel will hasten manifestation of an abundant lifestyle.

If you want to become a race car driver, take appropriate action. — Racing around illegally is not appropriate. Perhaps you could sign up for one of the racing courses that are available. Perhaps you could find a local racing club that allows individuals to race without a big team behind them.

As soon as you let the Universe know that you are serious, and that you really, really enjoy this, you will have to opportunity to do more of what you love.

I knew one little boy (4 years old) who cried from overwhelming joy when he heard his first live drum. Tears burst out of his eyes. If not percussion, then I hope that he finds his way to music in some form. Perhaps he will find more talent in acoustic engineering than in performing. Do you see what we’re getting at? This child will be happier and more successful involved in music than he will be as an architect. Music is his passion. If he pursues music he will easily manifest and abundant lifestyle.

Allow the Universe to Manifest an Abundant Lifestyle for You!

You don’t have to learn how to do magic. The Universe/Creator/Divinity will do it for you as soon as you are clear and agree to allow it. You allow it when you believe that it is already done with the same confidence that you believe that you can pick up a glass of water and drink whenever you want. You allow it when you are as clear about your desire as you are about desiring your next breathe. Manifest an abundant lifestyle by believing!

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Video Marketing: Discover These 5 Tips When Marketing With Video

Video marketing is nothing new when it comes to effective internet marketing tools. The internet is always changing and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to know how to effectively use videos the right way. In other words, you cannot create a video, place it on your website and expect to get results. Video training is a must and I can tell you from personal experience that creating short videos and uploading them to the internet without effective strategies will not get you very far.

Your message needs to capture the attention of your audience. Let’s face it… the internet marketing game has definitely changed. Consider the fact that just several years ago, no one was talking about video to promote businesses. Nowadays, I think it is fair to say that most business owners realize just how important video is to their income.

Benefits That Video Brings To Your Business

  • Videos equate to a great response (Everyone loves to watch videos)
  • Excellent conversion rates
  • The ability to create a captive audience
  • Videos build trust!
  • Builds relationships with potential customers
  • Better online SEO (Google loves videos!)
  • Videos are more personal giving you and your business that “personal touch”

Videos are fast becoming the way that people do business. Whether you are an online or an offline business, it does not matter. What matters most is that you get the business exposure and videos will give you the edge over your competition.

5 Tips When Marketing With Video

  • Tell your personal story with an interesting video… the more compelling, the better
  • Introduce YOU and your company with a testimonial from one of your customers because this will show your credibility
  • Integrate video with social media by offering people something for free when they “like” you
  • Creating videos will help you stay in touch and maintain relationships… following up is a must when marketing online
  • Create videos as a way to automate your business using campaigns… doing so will allow your videos to work on autopilot!

The idea is not just to simply create business videos and then upload them on the internet. Instead, you need to do the following…

Separate Yourself From Your Competitors!

You can easily do this by creating videos to attract people to you and your business but again, knowing how to effectively do just that is essential to getting exceptional results. I believe that the majority of marketers understand how videos are playing a major role with marketing their business, especially over the last couple of years. My personal belief is that those who effectively use it with a compelling video will not only get noticed, but make a significant amount of money because of the power that this has on ones business results.

Just think about how many people are online marketing to others for just a moment. Think about when you go to a marketing event. Chances are you meet a lot of people but do you really remember everyone’s name, let alone what company they are with? Unless you have met the person before or have seen them in a video, it can be downright difficult to remember everyone. Videos can be a great tool to help build a relationship that truly lasts and they have the great potential of getting the results that equal more profit!

Sure, business cards, newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards can be effective with your marketing efforts but I do believe that when given a choice, most people are more likely to watch a video which is why more and more online and offline business owners are taking massive action using videos to promote their business.

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Looking For Work Online?

If you are one of the many people these days who are looking for work, you can use a number of different internet sites to aid you in your search.On a national level, you can try one of the larger job posting sites like Monster. These sites will have free sign ups, and offer you a chance not only to post your resume on-line for potential employers, but allow you to search through their job postings, and submit your applications. This site is particularly helpful if you are currently employed or under-employed, and want to find more work without alerting your current boss. There are features that will disguise your identity, allowing you to search in peace.Another option, on a more local level, is to check out your hometown newspaper. While going through the printed classifieds can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, most newspapers now feature an online listing of their classified section, allowing to you simplify your search. Many of these posting will have a click-through link to an email address to which you can post your resume and cover letter.If the types of jobs you are looking for are not typically ones to pay for a classified ad, you might want to consider searching on a non-pay classified site like craigslist. This site offers a unique section for most major cities, and within that page, they break down the different job categories for ease of searching. Here, you will find a healthy mix of traditional and more unorthodox companies who are looking for new hires.The most important part of searching for work online is to keep current with it. Job listings are updated very frequently, and the job you are looking for can be posted, short-listed and hired out within a matter of hours.

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